(JC3-4DE4): Map to U+2F8AC instead of U+61B2.
[chise/xemacs-chise.git.1] / etc / char-data / JC3-to-UCS.txt
2012-01-13 tomo(JC3-4DE4): Map to U+2F8AC instead of U+61B2.
2011-12-05 tomo(JC3-47E0): Map to U-0002124F instead of U+572F.
2011-10-25 tomo(JC3-51DE): Map to U+FA12 instead of U+6674.
2011-10-20 tomo(JC3-5ED3): Map to U+FA1D instead of U+7CBE.
2011-10-14 tomo(JC3-48B9): Map to U+5840 instead of U+FA39.
2011-06-16 tomo(JC3-67D5): Map to U+FA67 instead of U+9038.
2011-03-08 tomo(JC3-72FA): Map to U+8279 instead of U+2EBE.
2011-02-28 tomo(JC3-4AB8): Map to U+5BC3 instead of U-0002F86D.
2011-02-26 tomo(JC3-55F8): Map to U+6D69 instead of U-0002F903.
2011-02-02 tomo(JC3-82C4): Map to U+9093 instead of U+9127.
2010-10-20 tomo(JC3-99B6): Map to U+8DBC instead of U-0002F9DB.
2010-10-15 tomo(JC3-63EC): Map to U+8860 instead of U-0002F9C3.
2010-10-13 tomo(JC3-5CF4): Map to U+FA54 instead of U-0002F959.
2010-10-12 tomo(JC3-63AB): Map to U+865C instead of U+F936.
2010-09-13 tomo(JC3-70D8): Map to U+701E instead of U-0002F914.
2010-09-12 tomo(JC3-56E1): Map to U+6EC7 instead of U-0002F90C.
2010-09-10 tomo(JC3-47C9): Map to U+585A instead of U+FA7C.
2010-09-09 tomo(JC3-4DE8): Map to U+61F2 instead of U+FA40.
2010-09-06 tomo(JC3-46A3): Map to U+5468 instead of U-0002F83F.
2010-08-06 tomo(JC3-48D2): Map to U+3686 instead of U+590D.
2009-10-20 tomo(JC3-70BA): Map to U+56CA instead of U+56A2.
2009-07-21 tomo(JC3-6DDF): Map to U+9A58 instead of U+8D0F.
2009-02-12 tomo(JC3-47F9): Map to U-0002F852 instead of U+57CE.
2008-05-16 tomo(JC3-6BEC): Fixed.
2008-02-29 tomo(JC3-68CC): Map to U+F9DC instead of U+9686.
2008-01-30 tomo(JC3-99B6): Map to U-0002F9DB instead of U+8DBC.
2007-11-15 tomo(JC3-68B5): Map to U+9146 instead of U+9137.
2007-03-20 tomo(JC3-58AE): Map to U+7235 instead of U-0002F921.
2007-02-06 tomo(JC3-55F8): Map to U-0002F903 instead of U+6D69.
2007-01-24 tomo(JC3-4EEF): Map to U-0002F8B2 instead of U+6210.
2006-12-28 tomo(JC3-43F5): Map to U-0002F81A instead of U+51AC.
2006-07-19 tomo(JC3-9EB2): Map to U+8A0F instead of U+8A10.
2006-03-29 tomo(JC3-65F4): Map to U+FA64 instead of U+8CD3.
2006-01-22 tomo(JC3-49B5): Map to U+59F8 instead of U+598D.
2006-01-19 tomo(JC3-6BFD): Map to U+FA68 instead of U+96E3.
2006-01-11 tomo(JC3-63AB): Map to U+F936 instead of U+865C.
2005-12-29 tomo(JC3-66AF): Map to U+FA65 instead of U+8D08.
2005-11-18 tomo(JC3-70D8): Map to U-0002F914 instead of U+701E.
2005-11-15 tomo(JC3-52AD): Revert to map to U-0002F8D8.
2005-11-11 tomo(JC3-52AD): Map to U+F929 instead of U-0002F8D8.
2005-11-08 tomo(JC3-8DF4): Map to U+65F4 instead of U+65F0.
2005-10-26 tomo(JC3-44D4): Map to U+FA76 instead of U+52C7.
2005-09-27 tomo(JC3-67A3): Map to U+FA66 instead of U+2ECC.
2005-08-30 tomo(JC3-54ED): Map to U+F970 instead of U+6BBA.
2005-06-20 tomo(JC3-63C6): Map to U+45A3 instead of U+86CC.
2005-04-08 tomo(JC3-4CCA): Map to U+F928 instead of U-0002F88E.
2005-03-29 tomo(JC3-44C7): Map to U-0002F822 instead of U+5272.
2005-02-02 tomo(JC3-47B8): Map to U+FA78 instead of U+559D.
2005-01-11 tomo(JC3-63AD): Map to U+8653 instead of U+5A4B.
2004-12-20 tomo(JC3-91FB): Map to U+6F29 instead of U+6E64.
2004-12-14 tomo(JC3-4DE8): Map to U+FA40 instead of U+61F2.
2004-11-13 tomo(JC3-7FD6): Map to U+222A instead of U+22C3.
2004-10-13 tomo(JC3-60E3): Map to U+81ED instead of U+FA5C.
2004-10-01 tomo(JC3-4ED6): Map to U+6168 instead of U+FA3E.
2004-05-13 tomo(JC3-4AC6): Map into U+5BEC instead of U-00025980.
2004-04-16 tomo(JC3-68AC): Map to U+9115 instead of U+90F7.
2004-03-09 tomo(JC3-67A3): Map to U+2ECC instead of U+8FB6.
2004-02-22 tomo(JC3-81F6): Map to U+6EE8 instead of U+6EEB.
2004-02-21 tomo(JC3-81F7): Map to U+5BBE instead of U+6EE8.
2004-01-29 tomo(JC3-5CA7): Map to U-2F94E instead of U+784E.
2004-01-20 tomo(JC3-70C6): Map to U+6A0B instead of U+901A.
2004-01-18 tomo(JC3-48B9): Map to U+FA39 instead of U+5840.
2003-12-29 tomoModify some mappings to use Compatibility Ideographs...
2003-12-10 tomoAdd some mappings.
2003-10-26 tomo(JC3-82E4): Delete mapping for U+AD6C.
2003-08-21 tomo(JC3-63BC): Map to U-0002F9C1 instead of U+8801.
2003-06-23 tomo(JC3-49F6): Map to U+5B76 instead of U+5B73.
2003-03-11 tomoMerge r21-4-11-chise-0_20-=ucs.