(HZK1-D652): Use A-cgnU+8609 instead of U+8609 as its mother.
[chise/xemacs-chise.git.1] / etc /
2017-12-24 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-12-24 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-54C0): Map to U+6B04 instead of U+F91D.
2017-10-07 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-10-07 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-6BC8): Map to U+9459 instead of U+9415.
2017-09-19 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-09-19 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-6EF5): Map to U+9D02 instead of U+9CFA.
2017-07-28 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-07-28 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-4BF5): Map to U-00022049 instead of U+5DFD.
2017-07-25 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-07-25 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-48D3): Map to U-00021582 instead of U+8641.
2017-07-08 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-07-08 MORIOKA Tomohiko(GT-K09251): Fixed.
2017-07-08 MORIOKA Tomohiko(GT-K06251): Fixed.
2017-05-04 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-05-04 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-61E5): Map to U+8337 instead of U+44AB.
2017-03-10 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-03-10 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX2-7969): Map to JU+FA66 instead of U+FA66.
2017-03-10 MORIOKA Tomohiko(G0-6541): Map to GU+8FB6 instead of U+8FB6.
2017-02-27 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-02-27 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-55F8): Map to U+2F903 instead of U+6D69.
2017-02-25 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-02-25 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-50CA): Map to U+654F instead of U+FA41.
2017-02-23 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-02-23 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-68CC): Map to U+9686 instead of U+F9DC.
2017-02-14 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-02-14 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-72FA): Map to U+2EBE instead of U+8279.
2017-01-26 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-01-26 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-45C3): Map to U+5351 instead of U+FA35.
2017-01-23 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-01-23 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-47DC): Map to U+58A8 instead of U+FA3A.
2017-01-15 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2017-01-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko(1-19-10): Comment out because it seems glyph-image...
2016-12-23 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-12-23 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-70D8): Map to U-0002F914 instead of U+701E.
2016-12-21 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-12-21 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX1-4654): Use JU+701E instead of U+701E.
2016-12-21 MORIOKA Tomohiko(J90-4654): Add mapping for U+2F914.
2016-08-04 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-08-04 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-55FB): Map to U+6D77 instead of U+FA45.
2016-06-11 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-06-11 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-45F4): Map to U+5668 instead of U+FA38.
2016-06-04 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-06-04 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-44EF): Map to U+52E4 instead of U+FA34.
2016-06-03 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-06-03 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX1-2E68): Map to JU+FA34 instead of U+FA34.
2016-06-03 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-42BB): Map to U+4FAE instead of U+FA30.
2016-04-06 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-04-06 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-62C8): Map to U+851E instead of U+840B.
2016-04-02 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-04-02 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-9CB5): Map to U+91EA instead of U+91EC.
2016-02-26 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-02-26 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX1-495F): Delete mapping for U-00022FBE.
2016-02-26 MORIOKA Tomohiko(J90-495F): Delete mapping for U-00022FBE.
2016-01-27 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2016-01-27 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-99B6): Map to U-0002F9DB instead of U+8DBC.
2015-12-31 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2015-12-31 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-63EC): Map to U-0002F9C3 instead of U+8860.
2015-10-10 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2015-10-10 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-52AD): Map to U+F929 instead of U-0002F8D8.
2015-06-03 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2015-06-03 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-70DD): Map to U+6E6E instead of U-0002F909.
2015-02-15 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2015-02-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX1-3650): Delete mapping for U-0002F827.
2015-02-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko(J90-3650): Delete mapping for U-0002F827.
2014-12-03 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-12-03 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-63EE): Map to U+8910 instead of U+FA60.
2014-11-26 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-11-26 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JX1-7B6F): Map to JU+FA60 instead of U+FA60.
2014-11-26 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-65F4): Map to U+8CD3 instead of U+FA64.
2014-10-15 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-10-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-51AA): Map to U+6691 instead of U+FA43.
2014-08-19 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-08-19 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-43D5): Map to U+514D instead of U+FA32.
2014-05-21 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-05-21 MORIOKA Tomohiko(C1-2244): Map to U+FF5E instead of U+223C.
2014-05-21 MORIOKA Tomohiko(B-A1E3): Don't map to U+223C.
2014-02-22 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-02-22 MORIOKA Tomohiko(C4-225B): Delete UCS mapping.
2014-02-12 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-02-12 MORIOKA TomohikoAdd mappings for new compatibility ideographs added...
2014-01-29 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2014-01-29 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-52AD): Map to U-0002F8D8 instead of U+6717.
2013-10-16 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2013-10-16 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-46A3): Map to U+2F83F instead of U+5468.
2013-08-13 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2013-08-13 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-4FB8): Map to U+62CB instead of U+629B.
2013-07-12 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2013-07-12 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-4DA7): Map to U+5F6B instead of U-0002F89A.
2012-10-31 MORIOKA Tomohikoupdate.
2012-10-31 MORIOKA Tomohiko(JC3-6DBE): Map to U+FA2C instead of U+9928.
2012-03-29 tomoupdate.
2012-03-29 tomo(JC3-57B1): Map to U-0002F912 instead of U+6FC6.
2012-03-08 tomoupdate.
2012-03-08 tomo(JC3-56FB): Map to U-0002F90F instead of U+6F6E.
2012-03-07 tomoupdate.
2012-03-07 tomoNew file.
2012-01-13 tomoupdate.
2012-01-13 tomo(JC3-4DE4): Map to U+2F8AC instead of U+61B2.
2011-12-05 tomoupdate.
2011-12-05 tomo(JC3-47E0): Map to U-0002124F instead of U+572F.