[chise/xemacs-chise.git.1] / lisp / utf-2000 / Ideograph-R140-Grass.el
2008-09-02 tomoReformatted.
2008-08-13 tomoReformatted.
2008-08-01 tomoReformatted.
2008-07-31 tomoReformatted.
2008-07-02 tomo(U-00026B01): Use `->denotational'.
2008-06-18 tomo(U+8473): Use `->denotational' and `->subsumptive'.
2008-03-28 tomo(U+449A): Use `->denotational' and `->subsumptive'.
2008-03-26 tomo(U-00026B11): New character.
2007-04-24 tomo(U+828A): Use `->denotational'.
2006-10-12 tomo(U+843D): Use `->denotational'.
2005-12-31 tomo(J90-6769): Use `<-simplified@JP/misc' instead of ...
2005-10-20 tomoAdd some mappings between CNS 11643-6 and CJK Ext-B...
2005-09-16 tomo(U+8278): Add `<-Zhouwen' for U+FA5E.
2005-08-22 tomo(U-00026B5D): Use `->denotational' instead of `->identi...
2005-08-11 tomo(U+FA5E): Add `name'; add `->canonical' for U+8279.
2005-07-22 tomoReformatted.
2005-07-14 tomo(GT-K01418): Use `<-simplified@component' instead of
2005-07-04 tomo(K0-6434): Add KU+82BD.
2005-07-02 tomo(U+83AB): Use `->denotational' and `->subsumptive'.
2005-06-19 tomo(C6-575A): Unify U-00026CCA and H8-F6F0.
2005-05-17 tomo(U+84EB): Use `->denotational'.
2005-04-28 tomo(U-000215D7): New character.
2005-04-19 tomo(CB06151): Unify <CJK RADICAL EWE>; moved into
2005-03-20 tomo(<CJK RADICAL GRASS TWO>): Use `->subsumptive' to integ...
2005-02-03 tomo(U+9FB7): New character; unify BC-8B5C.
2005-01-31 tomo(U+82E5): Changed to abstract character.
2004-11-17 tomo(U+827E): Changed to abstract character.
2004-11-06 tomo- Use `->subsumptive' or `{<-|->}denotational' for...
2004-10-17 tomo- Use `=jis-x0208@{1978|1983|1990}' instead of
2004-09-06 tomo(U+8362): Use `->subsumptive'.
2004-08-27 tomo(U+449D): Use `->subsumptive'.
2004-08-18 tomo(U+8289): Use `->subsumptive'.
2004-08-10 tomo(<CJK RADICAL GRASS ONE>): Unify BC-8957.
2004-07-24 tomoUse `<-same' instead of `->same'.
2004-06-25 tomo(U+8293): Use `->subsumptive'.
2004-06-16 tomo(U+8294): Rename `<-original-ideograph' to `<-original...
2004-06-08 tomoAdd comments of ku-ten for 94x94-sets.
2004-05-14 tomo(U+8649): Use `->subsumptive'.
2004-04-25 tomo(C1-6637): Moved into U+843C.
2004-04-16 tomoRename `<-vulgar-ideograph' to `<-vulgar'.
2004-04-13 tomo(C1-655C): Moved into U+842C.
2004-04-06 tomoUse utf-8-mcs-er instead of utf-8-mcs.
2004-03-29 tomo(U+8279): Delete `=>daikanwa'.
2004-03-10 tomoRename `->same-ideograph' to `->same'.
2004-03-09 tomo(GT-39643): Unify <CJK RADICAL GRASS TWO> instead of...
2004-01-20 tomoAdd some `<-simplified@JP/Jouyou' features.
2004-01-08 tomo(U+84E6): Moved from Ideograph-R187-Horse.el.
2004-01-03 tomoAdd some `total-strokes' features.
2003-12-23 tomoSync with r21-2-44-utf-2000-m0_18-big5-r112.
2003-12-20 tomoAdd mappings for Big5 code points.
2003-12-15 tomo(C1-5775): Modify subcode of `morohashi-daikanwa' value.
2003-12-10 tomo(JC3-61FA): New character.
2003-11-26 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-24 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-13 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-10 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-08 tomoAdd coding: magic cookie.
2003-11-07 tomo(GT-K01089): New character.
2003-10-28 tomo(JC3-62F6): New character.
2003-08-05 tomoOmit `=iso-ir165' if `=gb2312' is defined.
2003-08-01 tomoAdd some GT code points.
2003-07-28 tomo(U+FA5E): Unify GT-K00671 and GT-39643.
2003-07-21 tomoAdd some GT code points.
2003-07-09 tomoAdd some missing `ucs@jis' features corresponding with...
2003-07-05 tomo(JX2-7575): Unify U+FA5E instead of <CJK RADICAL GRASS...
2003-07-03 tomo(U+8363): Add `morohashi-daikanwa' for M-14683 instead...
2003-07-02 tomo(U-00026AFF): Unify JX1-7A5D; add strokes.
2003-06-16 tomoAdd some missing GT code points.
2003-06-02 tomoAdd some missing `=ucs@jis' features for JIS characters.
2003-06-01 tomoSync up with r21-2-44-utf-2000-m0_18-c5-ext-b-r142.
2003-05-12 tomoRename `ideograph-daikanwa' to `=daikanwa'.
2003-05-09 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-7' to `=cns11643-7'.
2003-05-09 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-6' to `=cns11643-6'.
2003-05-07 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-5' to `=cns11643-5'.
2003-05-06 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-4' to `=cns11643-4'.
2003-05-03 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-3' to `=cns11643-3'.
2003-05-01 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-2' to `=cns11643-2'.
2003-04-30 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-1' to `=cns11643-1'.
2003-04-25 tomoRename `chinese-gb12345' to `=gb12345'.
2003-04-22 tomoRename `chinese-gb2312' to `=gb2312'.
2003-04-17 tomoRename `korean-ksc5601' to `=ks-x1001'.
2003-04-16 tomoRename `japanese-jisx0212' to `=jis-x0212'.
2003-04-13 tomoRename `japanese-jisx0208' to `=jis-x0208-1983'.
2003-04-07 tomoRename `japanese-jisx0208-1978' to `=jis-x0208-1978'.
2003-04-06 tomoRename `chinese-isoir165' to `=iso-ir165'.
2003-03-30 tomoConvert `=>ucs-ks' to `=>ucs@ks'.
2003-03-29 tomoRename `=ucs-ks' to `=ucs@ks'.
2003-03-25 tomoRename `=>ucs-jis' to `=>ucs@jis'
2003-03-25 tomoRename `=ucs-jis' to `=ucs@jis'.
2003-03-24 tomoRename `=>ucs-cns' to `=>ucs@cns'
2003-03-23 tomoRename `=>ucs-cns' to `=>ucs@cns'.
2003-03-11 tomoMerge r21-4-11-chise-0_20-=ucs.