(g2-UU+5B73): Add `=decomposition@hanyo-denshi'.
[chise/xemacs-chise.git.1] / lisp / utf-2000 / Ideograph-R146-West.el
2017-02-04 MORIOKA Tomohiko- Add some Hanyo-Denshi/JA code points.
2016-10-30 MORIOKA TomohikoAdd some Adobe-Japan1-0 code points.
2016-10-22 MORIOKA Tomohiko(MJ004487): New character; use `<-denotational' for...
2016-07-03 MORIOKA TomohikoAdd glyph-images of HNG-KAR.
2016-05-02 MORIOKA Tomohiko(g2-MJ024197): Add HNG-KHM0603-2.
2016-04-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko(g2-UU+897F): Add HNG-KHM0603-0.
2015-12-18 MORIOKA Tomohiko(U+897F): Separate UU+897F.
2015-10-11 MORIOKA Tomohiko(U+8987): Apply new conventions for glyph granularity.
2015-09-08 MORIOKA TomohikoAdd some representative nodes.
2014-11-13 MORIOKA Tomohiko(U+8981): Apply new conventions for glyph granularity.
2014-02-27 MORIOKA Tomohiko(U+897F): Apply new glyph-image conventions.
2014-02-12 MORIOKA Tomohiko(C3-5B2F): Unify HD-IB0273; add `=decomposition@hanyo...
2013-12-20 MORIOKA TomohikoApply new glyph-image conventions for `shinjigen@rev'.
2013-12-19 MORIOKA TomohikoApply new glyph-image conventions for `shinjigen@1ed'.
2013-11-05 MORIOKA TomohikoApply new glyph-image conventions for `cns11643-2'.
2013-10-12 MORIOKA TomohikoApply new glyph-image conventions for `ucs@*', `adobe...
2012-10-23 MORIOKA Tomohiko(g2-UU+8988): Unify g2-HD-FT2536 instead of G-HD-FT2536.
2012-07-05 MORIOKA TomohikoUse `=daikanwa/+p' instead of `morohashi-daikanwa'...
2011-10-14 tomoAdd Hanyo-Denshi/FT code points.
2011-02-19 tomo(G-J0-4D57): Unify G-UU+8981.
2010-08-16 tomoReformatted.
2010-03-03 tomo(abstract J0-4D57): Use `=>jis-x0208' and `=>jis-x0213...
2009-06-23 tomo(GT-46843): Unify S1-3454; add `<-vulgar' for GT-57028.
2009-05-21 tomoReformatted.
2008-09-08 tomoReformatted.
2008-08-13 tomoReformatted.
2008-07-31 tomoReformatted.
2006-04-01 tomo(U-000277E9): Use `->subsumptive'.
2005-12-31 tomo(<CJK RADICAL WEST ONE>): Use `<-identical@component...
2005-10-08 tomo(<CJK RADICAL WEST TWO>): Copied from
2005-07-22 tomoReformatted.
2005-05-16 tomoReformatted.
2005-03-16 tomoAdd mappings for Big5 code points.
2005-01-31 tomo(J97-4D57): New abstract character.
2004-06-08 tomoAdd comments of ku-ten for 94x94-sets.
2004-04-06 tomoUse utf-8-mcs-er instead of utf-8-mcs.
2004-01-21 tomoAdd some `<-simplified@JP/Jouyou' features.
2004-01-04 tomo(U+8984): Add `total-strokes'.
2003-11-26 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-24 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-13 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-10 tomoReformatted.
2003-11-08 tomoAdd coding: magic cookie.
2003-08-21 tomoSync up with r21-2-44-utf-2000-m0_18-big5-r109.
2003-08-05 tomoOmit `=iso-ir165' if `=gb2312' is defined.
2003-07-23 tomoAdd some GT code points.
2003-07-04 tomo(U+8980): Unify JX2-7845.
2003-05-12 tomoRename `ideograph-daikanwa' to `=daikanwa'.
2003-05-09 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-7' to `=cns11643-7'.
2003-05-09 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-6' to `=cns11643-6'.
2003-05-07 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-5' to `=cns11643-5'.
2003-05-06 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-4' to `=cns11643-4'.
2003-05-03 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-3' to `=cns11643-3'.
2003-05-01 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-2' to `=cns11643-2'.
2003-04-30 tomoRename `chinese-cns11643-1' to `=cns11643-1'.
2003-04-22 tomoRename `chinese-gb2312' to `=gb2312'.
2003-04-17 tomoRename `korean-ksc5601' to `=ks-x1001'.
2003-04-16 tomoRename `japanese-jisx0212' to `=jis-x0212'.
2003-04-06 tomoRename `chinese-isoir165' to `=iso-ir165'.
2003-03-25 tomoRename `=ucs-jis' to `=ucs@jis'.
2003-03-11 tomoMerge r21-4-11-chise-0_20-=ucs.