[elisp/flim.git] / luna.el
2005-07-06 yamaokaUpdate FSF's address in GPL notices.
2002-09-26 tsuchiya(luna-define-method): Clear method cache of child classes.
2002-09-24 tsuchiya* luna.el (luna-define-method): Fix the bug that method...
2002-04-23 tomoupdate header.
2002-04-23 tomo(luna-class-find-member): Don't search parents' method...
2000-12-14 tomoFix and add DOCs and comments; fix coding style.
2000-12-05 tomosync with deisui-1_14.
2000-10-25 tomoMerge chao-1_14_1-1.
1999-12-16 moriokaMerge flim-1_13_2_1.