[elisp/flim.git] / smtp.el
2010-08-05 okazaki(smtp-submit-package): Handle the case that `smtp-find... flim-1_14-wl-root
2010-02-13 okazaki(smtp-primitive-mailfrom): Fixed two spaces may be...
2006-09-24 ueno* smtp.el (smtp-progress-message-format): Abolished...
2006-09-24 ueno* smtp.el (smtp-end-of-line): Abolished; reverted the...
2006-06-17 yoichi* smtp.el (smtp-submit-package): Ignore error in
2006-02-18 hmurataSimplify the last change.
2006-02-18 hmurata(smtp-debug): New user option.
2005-07-25 ueno* smtp.el (smtp-read-response): Signal an error if...
2005-07-06 yamaokaUpdate FSF's address in GPL notices.
2004-08-11 yamaoka(smtp-parse-progress-message-format): Fix regexp usage.
2004-08-11 yamaoka(smtp-progress-message-format): New user option.
2004-02-17 ueno* smtp.el (smtp-starttls-program): New user option.
2002-11-15 yamaoka* smtp.el (smtp-send-buffer): Error if `smtp-server...
2002-11-13 okadaSynch up with slim-1_14
2002-11-13 yamaokaCosmetic fix.
2002-07-26 yamaoka* smtp.el (smtp-open-connection-function): Add doc.
2002-07-24 yamaoka* smtp.el (smtp-end-of-line): New variable.
2001-07-30 okada2001-07-30 AMAKAWA Shuhei <sa264@cam.ac.uk>
2000-12-27 tomoeliminate duplicated space.
2000-12-25 tomo(smtp-open-connection-function): Revert initial value to
2000-12-21 ueno* smtp.el (smtp-send-buffer): Add DOC.
2000-12-19 tomo(smtp-open-connection-function): Add autoload cookie.
2000-12-19 tomoSync with semi21-1_14_0-pre4-1.
2000-12-14 tomo(smtp-open-connection): Don't use `as-binary-process'.
2000-12-14 tomoRequire `custom' instead of `pcustom'.
2000-12-14 tomoSync with deisui-1_14_0-2000-12-14.
2000-11-12 uenoSynch with `deisui-1_14'.
2000-11-07 uenoSynch with deisui-1_14.
2000-11-06 uenoMerge `deisui-1_14_0-1'.
2000-10-25 tomoMerge flim-1_13_2_2.
1999-12-16 moriokaMerge flim-1_13_2_1.
1999-05-31 moriokaMerge flim-1_12_7.
1999-05-12 moriokaMerge flim-1_12_6.