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[elisp/semi.git] / TODO
1999-10-18 moriokaMerge semi-1_13_7.
1998-06-24 shuhei-k(Known Bugs): Add new item about Content-ID.
1998-06-12 morioka(multipart/related support): New item.
1998-06-08 morioka(Better implementation for multipart/alternative):...
1998-05-21 moriokaSync up with remi-1_4_0_90.
1998-05-07 moriokaupdate.
1998-05-07 morioka(Check available MIME-charset): New item.
1998-05-04 morioka"keymap-prefix" was done.
1998-05-04 morioka"mailcap support" was done.
1998-05-04 morioka"Change 'mime-acting-condition to condition-tree format...
1998-05-04 morioka"Unify entity display specifications to 'mime-preview...
1998-04-09 moriokaNew file.